Non-profit organisations, professional adult educators and volunteers working in the field of Social and Community Theatre, groups at high risk of social exclusion and segregation


Description of the EU standard professional profile of the Social Theatre Operator; training course for the Social Theatre Operator; methodological guidelines for validation, accreditation and certification at national level.


4 Joint Staff Training Events will be organised in partner countries to promote capacity building and the exchange of good practices: 1 training course in Spain and 3 Peer Learning Workshops (in Italy, Portugal and Poland).

About us

REcognition of the Social Theatre Operator as a professional to tackle the Risk of social Exclusion

The idea of “doing theatre” as a means to support different disadvantaged groups at risk of social exclusion is quite ancient

Objectives of the project

This project aims to promote cooperation and the exchange of good practices at European level and take advantage of the EU transparency and recognition tools to increase the training opportunities and employability of professionals working in the field of Social and Community Theatre

To promote the diffusion of Social and Community Theatre as an effective means for social inclusion of disadvantaged adult learners

To strengthen cooperation and facilitate the exchange of good practices in the field of non-formal education among partner organisations

To jointly develop and validate a training course addressed to SOCIAL THEATRE OPERATOR (STO)

To boost a process for the recognition and standardization at EU level of the SOCIAL THEATRE OPERATOR (STO)


Oltre le parole Onlus

Association ProSoc

Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre

Magenta Consultancy


San Patrignano Community

Smashing Times International Centre for the Arts and Equality

Associated Partners

Università Roma Tre

Associazione San Patrignano Scuola e Formazione

Dire Fare Cambiare

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Still in the context of the Project and thanks to the funds allocated to it by the Erasmus Plus programme, after the Italian lead partner Oltre Le Parole Onlus which announced the launch of the course due to take place in Rome in October 2021, […]
When experimentation and creation redefine places From 8 to 18 July 2021 the spaces and times of the small town of Santarcangelo were redefined and marked, as they have been every year since 1971, by the Festival dei Teatri, a moment of dialogue and collective construction […]

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