The second Transnational Project Meeting is expected to take place online on 22 and 23 June 2020, which will officially […]
Many theatre companies decided to go online as they seek to adapt to COVID-19 lockdowns. This is the case of […]
On September 14 2020, the prestigious press room of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament will host the […]
The Coronavirus emergency that hit Italy at the end of February 2020 obliged Comunità San Patrignano to immediately close all […]
The round table on the figure of the Social Theatre Operator in Italy took place on 27 April 2020. Due […]
Rome, 20 May (Askanews) – “WHO and the Ministry of Health have recently published news on the psychological impact of […]
The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the whole world in a very dramatic way. Despite the hard times and the rules […]
Who is the STO? What are its specific features and requirements? What kind of services does it deliver? The preliminary […]
In relation to the first Intellectual Output, project partners are carrying out in-depth preliminary research on the professional condition and […]
The first Joint Staff Training Event taking place in Gijon, Spain, from 11 to 14 February 2020 represented not only […]