The project provides, in an experimental way, interaction with young patients and their families in an interactive way: a website […]
“Oltre le Parole” for the first time at the FestiValtellina,  called   “And so went out to see the starts again”, […]
On June 16, 2021 an online premiere of a documentary film took place, concluding a four-month workshop experience of an […]
Oltre Le Parole Onlus, leader of the European Project Re.Sto.Re, opens the enrolments to the 1st European Training Course for […]
“It was a very special experience. It convinced me even more that all those who work with vulnerable people should […]
Pascal La Delfa, President of Oltre Le Parole Onlus and leader of the #progettorestore, and Patrizia Russi, manager of the […]
San Patrignano has always offered young people a time and place to rediscover themselves, completely free of charge. In this […]
The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre from Poland (one of the RESTORE project partners ) has been involved in […]
When we speak about space, we are inevitably considering a social space. One that is continuously imagined, created and shaped […]
In these months so perilous for the whole theater sector and more generally for the cultural world, we have lost […]