In relation to the first Intellectual Output, project partners are carrying out in-depth preliminary research on the professional condition and employability of the Social Theatre Operator, which is aimed to:

  • outline the state of the art at European and national level concerning the employability and professional condition of the STO;
  • define the standard requirements of the STO professional profile.

The output will provide the answer to the questions: Who is the STO? What are its specific features and requirements? What kind of services does it deliver?

The new professional profile will be defined in full accordance with the principles of the European Qualification Framework, in terms of knowledge, competences and skills necessary to carry out specific tasks and activities.

Also, the profile will be defined by taking advantage of the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations, as a reference tool to guide the whole process so that the final output can be actually exploited at European level.

It will contain an outline of the task range of a professional STO and will describe in detail the skills, competences and other characteristics that research activities will prove as necessary or desirable for a STO at European level.

Country specific characteristics will also be taken into account. For competences acquirable through targeted training, a connection will be established to the expected learning outcomes.

In particular, the output will provide a description of:

– professional condition and employability of the STO
– task range of a STO
– possible target groups to be addressed
– educational background
– required competences and skills
– main fields of knowledge
– deontology and ethical approach
– communication skills
– practical experience