The Coronavirus emergency that hit Italy at the end of February 2020 obliged Comunità San Patrignano to immediately close all external ways of access with the aim to preserve the health, safety and security of all community residents. Therefore, theatrical activities were temporarily suspended.

In order to ensure stable employment for the twenty young people working in the Theater Company, they were invited to participate to an initiative online where they would be protagonists of some theatrical readings taken from the book “Sottovoci” (whispered), which collects stories of men and women of San Patrignano, written in the first person by the protagonist of each story. The volume, published by Mondadori, includes an excellent introduction by the Italian writer Marco Missiroli.

The initiative “SOTTOVOCI” will start taking place on a weekly basis from the second half of May 2020. Theatrical readings will be available online on the Facebook page of the WeFree programme, the drug use disorder prevention project designed and implemented by Comunità San Patrignano.

With the aim of showing their solidarity, some Italian artists and intellectuals are also participating in the project, which represents for them a way to say “our theater hasn’t stopped anyway”. Among them, Marco Missiroli, the journalist Angela Iantosca, the actor Francesco Apolloni, the theater coach Valentina Capone, the communication manager of La Scala in Milan Lanfranco Licauli, the singer Marco Guazzone and Stefano Tè, artistic director of the Theather of Winds in Modena (UBU prize for the best staging 2019 with the show “Moby Dick”).

If you want to follow the theatrical readings, please follow this link