The second Transnational Project Meeting is expected to take place online on 22 and 23 June 2020, which will officially open the second phase of the RESTORE project. The meeting will be aimed to jointly work on the three intellectual outputs: besides commenting the various aspects of the professional profile of Social Theatre Operator, partner organisations will start discussing in detail the structure of the training course for STO (O2/A1) and identifying the key competences for trainers (O2/A2).

Specifically, after the professional profile of the STO has been defined and partners have shared their good practices and methodologies during the three Peer Learning Workshops, the RESTORE project team will focus on the development, test and validation of a standard training course eventually leading to the qualification of Social Theatre Operator. Pilot courses will be run by the staff of partner organisations in Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Poland and will be implemented in two phases.

In the first phase lasting 180 hours, participants will work in groups and learn the theoretical basis and practical approaches of Social and Community Theatre. In the second phase lasting 120 hours, they will put into practice the learning outcomes and apply the methodology on different groups of disadvantaged adult learners in specific theatrical workshops.

The learning activities will be then evaluated both by students and participants to the theatrical workshops and the evaluation results will serve as the basis to adjust the methodology and training program, as well as the final version of the second intellectual output (IO2).