Online, but with the same emotions and the same ability to engage the public. From  distance, but close as always to young people, to their experience and their need to be listen.

Also this year WeFree  Day comes back again: the event that represents the opening of wefree prevention activity based on peer to peer communication, conducted for over a decade by San Patrignano among thousands of students throughout Italy.

WeFree’s slogan has always been “The world we want depends on us”. Even more in

this period, after the lockdown and with the Coronavirus emergency still high in the world, the community believes in the importance of collective commitment and the dissemination of positive messages, also using the various forms of art as a tool for dialogue, interaction and integration. The event, usually reserved for students and teachers from all over Italy, this year took on the virtual way,the opportunity to open the doors to anyone wishing to participate.