The 12th edition of the Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts will be held on October 8 and 9 in streaming from the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid with the theme “The strength of alliances. Future debates for inclusive and community-based performing and musical arts”.

This Conference will have two different actions for the participants to be developed in the weeks prior to the Conference, in order to generate meetings and contact between participants:

  • Introduce yourself and recommend: This action consists of the creation of an audio-visual capsule of their own production by the people registered for the Conference, in which they can inform about their entity, their work, and recommend a project of performing arts or community music and/or inclusive.
  • The traveling hand: Creative proposal of the entity Art Transforma, that proposes this action of audiovisual co-creation, which launches the message that you can also travel during lockdown. It is a participatory dance project, in which different hands from all over the world dance, play and explore in some special corner chosen by the author of the video.