The staff training on line organized by the Polish partner of the Restore project took place in early December. Great involvement for everyone, a high-profile training that adds an important piece to the definition of the figure of social theater operator at European level.

The main aim of this workshop was to enable participants using some puppetry techniques as a creative and playful method suitable for supporting vulnerable people in their self-development. Puppetry art helps to develop personal stories, to express emotions, needs and thoughts, to tackle sensitive issues and to motivate for change.

By the completion of the training program the participants will be able to:

  • build a simple puppet out of ordinary materials and animate it, as well as to teach the others how to do that;
  • use different objects to enhance creativity, self-expression and courage to take up new challenges.
  • apply the rules of non-verbal/visual storytelling to creation of a theatrical piece and also to working with vulnerable workshop participants on their personal problems;
  • design and run own workshop program with the use of puppetry art and theatre storytelling.