The training activities implemented by “Oltre le Parole” are continuing  despite the difficult period due to the health emergency.

The training courses in Rome and Prato have started, partly carried out online and partly in face-to-face mode (with all necessary health protection measures)

This year the face-to-face course in Rome is back to  the Accento Theater in the historic Testaccio district, where I had started the first course in 2007. While the course in Prato, very close to Florence, is one more time at the headquarters of the “Coop. Margherita”, where the course has been active for 5 years.

In the next few days it will be decided whether or not to confirm the class that has been held for 4 years at the prestigious “il Piccolo” theater in Milan, in its historic location a stone’s throw from Piazza Duomo.

We believe that in the following months, when the face-to-face activities can finally be resumed, the work of the social theater operator will be very important to “reconnect” people and give them a way to express themselves in relation to the difficulties faced in this long year of “physical distancing”.

There are also a great excitement and many requests for information regarding the European course linked to the “Restore” project, which was scheduled on May but then postponed to September 2021. We invite all those who are interested to stay in touch with the website as well as on the Facebook page and on the official social networks of the project to find out about the upcoming news and the procedures for application and selection of candidates.