“Oltre le Parole” participates in the project of the Historical Renaissance Carnival in Rome, this year dedicated to the great painter Caravaggio. The event, this year in its 13th edition, was almost entirely conducted online: conferences, exhibitions, short films, history-talk .

The 2021 program, the “Surreal Carnival”, was presented on Thursday 11 February 2021 in the prestigious press room of the Senate of the Italian Republic. The president of Oltre le Parole, Pascal La Delfa, illustrated the activities for schools: The 1600 carnival in Rome: Jubilee year, from Caravaggio to Giordano Bruno. Lessons were spectacularized with audiovisual contributions.

Below is a brief summary of the video interventions:

The 1600s in Rome is characterized by a series of events, which our narrative will connect, privileging the history of the “missed” carnival: the cancellation of the Carnival of that year by Pope Clement VIII and the impossibility for citizens to celebrate it “profanely”,  to the advantage of the hundreds of processions of religious orders and pilgrims from all over the world. From this story, the reflection on the history of the Roman Carnival and the parallelism with the impossibility to celebrate in public places of the 2021 Carnival.