June has concluded the intense projecintense project that saw the Pele Association as the protagonist in the realisation of LINEA MUSICAL 400, a cycle of concerts held on the 400 bus line, in both directions. The experimentation ended with the simple and catchy melodies of Conferência Inferno, which inspired illusory realities, dreams and nihilistic utopias.

This musical project disrupted routines, crossed multiple communities, combined aesthetics, crossed territories and envisaged other possible scenarios.

A heterogeneous programme that created subtle poetic fragmentations, stimulating a question about other forms of sociality, mobility and dialogue.

Music that communicates, music that creates and connects.

Samuel Martins Coelho, with his violin, accompanied/guided the passengers present in a journey towards an act of awareness and free experimentation. With authenticity and joy in her voice, Arianna Casellas navigated us through imaginative adventures, breaking down the barriers of the journey. Lowslung enshrines in the memory of the journey the absence of any limits for the discovery of new places and possibilities.

Azevedo is a project realised by DGARTES.