Let’s start talking to young people through theatre again, with the new theatre format “The right place”.
By the San Patrignano Prevention Project We Free.
And let life begin again.

After two years and a month I have walked into a theatre again and everything is in place. Giorgio and Gio’, our technicians, are finishing up the light settings, Pascal is sitting in the stall watching the positioning of the sets and VERENA is going back and forth in the backstage area going over all her lines. Today,  at 10.00 the curtain is lifted at the Teatro Nuovo in Tradate, near Varese, for 600 students who come and see ‘Il posto giusto’, the theatrical format created by the WeFree Project, the project I work for, the San Patrignano project to counter drug use. Every year until 2020 we met 50 thousand young people aged 13 to 18 throughout Italy. Then, the Covid. The pandemic, the social distancing, the isolation, the quarantine, the many deaths that filled the news and emptied the families, the oxygen helmets, the intensive care units, the government decrees, the fear, the lockdowns. And the mask, which has become an integral part of our features.

Today, therefore, for me, for all of us, for WeFree, for San Patrignano, not only does the curtain re-open, but hope opens up, we look to the future, we begin again. And we start talking to young people again using the language of theatre to tell them that they are unique, one of a kind, that they must love themselves, believe in themselves and live. Tomorrow we take an extra step to overcome the fear of this uncertain time that continues. Because life is always worth being given a chance.