The first podcast dedicated to so-called “Social” Theatre is born, which will tell the stories and the protagonists of the workshop paths of dozens of companies, associations, working groups of fragile subjects, in situations of angst or vulnerability, who use theatre as a tool of aggregation, expressiveness and well-being.

Born from an idea of Pascal La Delfa, who also takes care of the direction, Ru.fu.s. is conducted by the author together with the journalist Elisabetta Proietti, expert in social and cultural issues.

The podcast will tell stories from all over Italy: those integrated theatre companies and others, often untold by the superficiality and obviousness of the media and yet rooted in the territories or trying to emerge as new subjects of integration, expressiveness and social redemption.

Ru.fu.s.- Rumori Fuori Scena, will be aired on the main platforms (such as Spreaker and Spotify) over the next few weeks for a first season of programming and will include, in addition to the guidance and experiences of the two presenters, interventions by external guests: not only Social Theatre Operators and directors of the various companies, but the participants themselves in the theatrical pathways who will bring their own testimonies, as well as experts and institutions who will talk about the importance of practicing theatre within society.