In September 2020, a five-days long international training event dedicated to the figure of Social Theatre Operator is scheduled to take place at “Casa del Cinema” of Villa Borghese in Rome, close to the well-known locations of the movie “La Dolce Vita”. The meeting will represent a unique opportunity to share different methodologies and approaches in the field of social theatre, also due to the eminent speakers that will be taking part to the event. Educators and teachers from Oltre Le Parole association will focus on the “STO method”, while there will be space for interventions by Professor G. Scaramuzzo (Roma Tre University),  Professor G. Sofia (University of Grenoble), experts from Comunità San Patrignano and other professionals who collaborate with the leading organisation in the training of Social Theatre Operators. Training activities will see the participation of theatre professionals from Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland and Ireland, besides Italian trainers who will host the entire event.