September 17, at 12.00
Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies

RESTORE is the first EU project to focus on the development of the professional figure of Social Theater Operators, whose skills and competences are not yet adequately recognized in most European countries. RESTORE (this is the acronym of the project) means: REcognition of the Social Theater Operator as a professional to tackle the Risk of social Exclusion and aims to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices at European level as well as to increase opportunities and employability of professionals working in the field of social and community theater.

The leader of the project is the Italian Association Oltre Le Parole Onlus which for over 15 years has been involved in the training of theater operators in the social sector all over Italy, with the aim of educating professionals who can operate at a local level to favor social integration and using the arts – and theater in particular – as an instrument of self-expression, relationship, knowledge and individual and social well-being.

The European project involves six European countries through organizations with decades of experience in diverse social fields: for Italy the Community of San Patrignano, for Ireland the Smashing Times association, for Poland Grodskjy Teater, the association Pele for Portugal Portugal, Prosoc for Slovenia and Magenta Consultoria for Spain.

The project will be presented by Pascal La Delfa, president of “Oltre le parole Onlus – Rome”, leader of the EU Restore project, together with:

Mr. Federico Mollicone – Member of the Italian Parliament and Founder of National intergroup on Culture and Art

Dr. Paolo Ciani Lazio Region – Vice-President of the VII Health and Social Policy Commission

The meeting also includes an exceptional keynote speaker, Mr. Sergio Escobar – Theater director, academic and public manager.

All the European partners of Restore will participate, as the conference on September 17 is part of the International Training week foreseen in the project design, which will take place from September 14 to 18 at La Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese.

The Press conference to present the Restore project at the Chamber of Deputies can be followed live from the Chamber’s website (the link will be published on the official pages of Restore, Oltre le Parole onlus, Dire Fare Cambiare).

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