On stage in Rome the G.A.S. project (Generating Social Art) and the National conference dedicated to Social Theater Operators

These events are included in the Italian stage of the EU Restore Project, dedicated to the REcognition of the Social Theater Operator at National and European level

A week dedicated to social theater operators, professionals who have been waiting for national and international recognition for years.

There are three main events this week entirely dedicated to social theater:

  1. A.S. project (Generating Social Art) – Art and Culture at the service of the Social needs.

With the patronage of the Lazio Region, C.N.R., I.N.P.S., U.N.A.R., Embassies of Spain and Portugal

Mediapartner: Social Editor

Dialogues between NGOs, institutions, professionals

14 – 18 September 6.30 pm Teatro San Carlino (Villa Borghese) – free entrance

G.A.S. – Generating Social Art is an independent initiative, organized by “Oltre Le Parole Onlus” and “Dire Fare Cambiare”, which aims to connect and favor the dialogue between the organizations of Art and Theater active in the Social field, with the institutions and professionals in this sector, in order to use the Arts as a means of cultural aggregation, artistic expression and to tackle the risk of social exclusion especially of the most fragile or “invisible” parts of society.

Meetings are organized as an exchange of expertize and good practices on the sidelines of the EU project “Restore”  (“Oltre le Parole Onlus” is the leader and “Dire Fare Cambiare” associated partner): in the same days there will be a series of meetings between European trainers in the Theater sector in / for the Social. Entrance is free and can be booked via the dedicated e-mail gas@teatrocivile.it

Schedule of the meetings:

September 14, at 6.00 pm: A bridge for… (good practices for cities)

Special guests: Social Capital School, Seniors participating in the project from the stage in the park, other surprise guests.

September 15, at 6.00 pm Voices of women (art as a tool for socio-cultural mediation)

Special guests: Angela Iantosca (writer and journalist), Gilberto Scaramuzzo (UniRoma Tre Professor) Silvia Vallerani (M.A.S.C. ETS.)

September 16, at 18.00: Detention and rehabilitation

Special guests: Laura Andreini Salerno, (La Ribalta Association – Enrico Maria Salerno Study Center), Gabriella Stramaccioni (Guarantor for detainees in Rome), Tiziana Bergamaschi (Director of Teatro Utile)

September 17, at 18.00 Children and young people (new generations with new problems)

Guests: Nunzia Bartolomei (Vicepresident Order of Social Workers) Fabrizio Molina (Association No place is faraway), Delegates from the S. Patrignano Community

September 18, at 6.00 pm Different from whom?

Special guests: Elisabetta Proietti (journalist and Social Editor), Nino Pizza (Director of the Company “Non Tanto Precisi,) Daniela Alleruzzo (Ass. L’Arte nel Cuore), Suzana Slatovic and Simone Di Pascasio (Teatro Buffo), Giovanni Sansone (Dirett. Resp. .Integrated SuperAbile INAIL Contact Center), Antonella Patete (SuperAbile INAIL magazine coordinator)

The European partners of the Erasmus Plus RESTORE project will intervene every day:

Magenta Consultoria (Spain), Pele (Portugal), Smashing Times (Ireland), Pro Soc Drustvo (Slovenia), Teatr Grodzky (Poland)18 settembre ore 18.00 Diversi da chi?

  1. Presentation of the Restore Project at the Press Room of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome (17 September 2020 at 12.00)
  2. Conference for social theater operators

The conference will take place on September 19 – 20 with workshops, thematic and discussion tables, in-depth studies and national and international guests.

The conference is open (and free, upon registration of online participants) to all Social Theater Operators, teachers, students, social workers, psychologists, educators and all professions that can apply the “game of theater” in their respective work areas.


For further information: comunicazionedfc@gmail.com