The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre has been running on-line  pilot courses since September 13th. The participants got involved in workshop activities tackling many different creative areas.

The following are examples of exercises and techniques proposed so far, with a view to facilitate social integration of vulnerable adults.

BODY AND VOICE. Listen to the piece of music. Find the basic rhythmical module and “translate” it into a movement. Search for gestures which express musical accents in the best way. Create a five-element structure of a theatrical act.

The main aim of this exercise is to show participants the importance of structure in every theatrical performance (and in life generally) and the inspiring role of music in the process of creating stage movement.

THEATRICAL SCENARIO. Give a working title to your play. Decide about the main hero/heroine (gender, age) and about place and time of action. Focus on the emotions you would like the audience to experience. Think about the main message you want to convey: what do you want to tell to the others through your story?   

This exercise serves as introduction to the work of a playwright. It shows that a theatrical story can be developed by everyone from scratch.

ENCOUNTER. Here is your paper puppet which you created yourself. Try to imagine an action which your puppet can perform on stage and which could not be done by a living actor. Experiment freely with different kinds of movement and create a short puppet act.
This exercise is meant for discovering the unique acting potential of the puppets and their capacity for metaphorical expression.

In November, our group is further exploring the art of visual narration and playful resources useful in the work of Social Theatre Operator.
On 1st December we will conclude the whole training with summing-up and analyzing the knowledge, skills and competencies gained by participants.