Oltre le Parole, with the contribution of the Lazio Region, organized the competition for monologues reserved for young actresses under 35. The event, which took place at the Accento Teatro in the famous Testaccio district of the Capital, saw the participation of talented actresses who participated in the competition with published and unpublished texts, whose theme always had social issues.

Fifteen actresses took part in the final evenings of the competition, challenging each other in “theatre battles”,  the watchful eye of an attentive and esteemed jury of quality, which accounted for 75% of the total vote.  In fact, a further quarter of the vote was left to the public, who were able to watch and vote for the actresses also through social networks: there were numerous online votes, which exceeded 10,000 votes in total!

The prize of honor went to Olimpia Ferrara, with the unpublished monologue written by her and directed by Giorgia Filanti, titled “Cinquant’ore” (Fifty Hours): a moving and enthralling picture of the episodes of sexual violence and mass physical violence, against several thousand individuals of all ages (but especially women) carried out by the French goumiers framed in the French Expeditionary Corps in Italy during the Italian campaign of World War II. All the videos of the monologues can be seen at this link:


(photo: Olimpia Ferrara)