This is the title of the bill signed by several Italian parliamentarians, led by the Italian MP Raffaele Bruno, which had a first hearing at the Chamber of Deputies in recent days. The staff of Oltre le Parole onlus has given its support to the proposal, with comments and request for further specifications.

#teatroinognicarcere calls for every prisoner to be given the opportunity to learn about art and theatre, to make it a tool for growth, awareness and personal journey. The data provided by the proposal demonstrate in an indisputable and extraordinary way that systematic theatre activity in prison reduces recidivism by 90%.

At this link the details of the proposed law:

“If we allow beauty to enter, it will also be able to leave” is the slogan with which the initiative, promoted by the Collective “Gli ultimi saranno”, was presented along with the musical piece “Canzone d’evasione” that has already obtained thousands of views on social networks:

 (photo: Canzone d’evasione)