For the first time in Italy, a guide is being published on how to approach theatre in situations of vulnerability, dedicated to specialised Operators-and also to those who want to approach leading groups in difficult contexts through art and theatre in particular

Born from the experience of 18 years of training courses in the field of non-formal education offered by “Oltre le parole onlus”, the “non-manual” envisages (starting from the same title) an unstructured approach defined in detail, aware of the fact that it is not possible to define a precise working method in the field of Social and Community Theatre, but rather a continuous attention and search for solutions suited to the group and the objectives to be achieved.

The publication identifies a series of parameters to be evaluated and modulated not with the aim of providing simple solutions to the difficult situations in which group leaders may find themselves, but of proposing tools and refining attentions in order to make the solutions emerge from the operators themselves according to their own skills and the people they work with.

Proposed in a form that is more narrative than academic, the author Pascal La Delfa (director and theatre author and founder of the O.t.s. course in 2006) seeks to propose to readers his own experience in various contexts of vulnerability and discomfort with lightness but depth: contents that can be read on several levels, both as a narration of episodes that have really happened in thirty years of experience, and as tools for the practical application of Theatre in the Social. With the awareness that “Social” has the political meaning of working on the whole of society and not only in the restricted sphere of people with more or less obvious difficulties to which this type of theatre is usually thought to be relegated.

The book will be published in December 2022 by Seri Editore of Macerata on the occasion of the author’s thirty years of work in social theatre, and will be available in major bookshops or online shops.