Still in the context of the Project and thanks to the funds allocated to it by the Erasmus Plus programme, after the Italian lead partner Oltre Le Parole Onlus which announced the launch of the course due to take place in Rome in October 2021, also the Polish partner, the Bielsko Grodzki Theatre Artistic Association, has just completed the first phase of preparations for the RESTORE training course. The course will take place online in accordance with the regulations currently in force in Poland and in order to avoid possible future restrictions, thus reaching 20 operators in the artistic field and making the distribution of participants more widespread throughout the country.

Kicking off on 13 September: 23 training sessions, each lasting 6 hours and taking place twice a week. In addition to the group sessions, there will be 22 hours of individual work by participants. These will be devoted to the study of multimedia materials and various relevant resources provided by the trainers, as well as work related to evaluation procedures. In addition, the trainers will offer individual supervision to the trainees to support them in planning and realising their artistic projects with socially vulnerable groups.

A dedicated promotional campaign was conducted by the partner organization to reach representatives of different professions active in the field of social inclusion. The main communication channels used to spread the word about participating in the course also included extensive use of social media and the involvement of a wide network of stakeholders from the educational/cultural sectors. Accounts dedicated to recruiting training participants were specifically created on Instagram and Facebook, and a number of organisations previously involved in the Grodzki Theatre’s activities offered their input to promote the course.

There will be seven trainers conducting the course: all of them are highly experienced in the application of the arts, especially theater, in adult education activities. One of them will be in charge of designing and implementing different evaluation techniques, to make sure that the learning outcomes of the whole process are clearly defined and monitored. The training program will be divided into modules according to the thematic areas agreed with the RESTORE partners.