As everybody around the world we have been forced to find new ways of working due to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]
“Filó, the affections cook” is the new story illustrated in fanzine by Clara Não. It tells the story of Filó, […]
The national conference of “Theater Operators in the Social” was held in Rome, with over 200 social workers from all […]
The Presidency of the Italian Republic awarded the bronze medal to the president of Oltre le Parole onlus for the […]
In order to archive the memories created during these pandemic times, we have been collecting videos where people from all […]
The 12th edition of the Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts will be held on October […]
Despite the problems caused by social distancing, the training of “Theater Operators in the Social” has begun again for the […]
The association has dedicated an award to the great actress Giulietta Masina, known all over the world for having won […]
You can now submit your proposals for projects to be part of MEXE 2021 programme. The open-call will be open […]
Online, but with the same emotions and the same ability to engage the public. From  distance, but close as always […]