San Patrignano has always offered young people a time and place to rediscover themselves, completely free of charge. In this […]
The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre from Poland (one of the RESTORE project partners ) has been involved in […]
When we speak about space, we are inevitably considering a social space. One that is continuously imagined, created and shaped […]
In these months so perilous for the whole theater sector and more generally for the cultural world, we have lost […]
This is the title of the survey that the Restore project has launched throughout Europe, in order to verify the […]
Over the past months, PELE has been collectively thinking how to occupy the public spaces on March 8th – a […]
Several professionals and associations from the Performing and Musical Arts sector have been working for months to design a common […]
From 21st to 27th March Oltre le Parole participates in the XVII International Day against Racism promoted by the U.N.A.R. […]
This is an interesting example of how art, as well as being an important means of expressing oneself and one’s […]
A.N.T.A.S., the great Italian network of Theater Operators in the Social, renews its activities and relaunches cohesion. ANTAS started 2021 […]