After Poland and Italy having started their pilot courses, it is now time for PELE to launch the “Community artistic […]
More than 20 students from all over Italy are taking part in the activities, meeting every weekend since the beginning […]
The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre has been running on-line  pilot courses since September 13th. The participants got involved in […]
The INTEGRA Festival is dedicated to the inclusion of vulnerable groups through culture and art. The philosophy of the festival […]
REFLECTIONS OF A STO BETWEEN SOURDOUGH AND PANDEMIC I am a professional educator, every day I operate on that blurred […]
Still in the context of the Project and thanks to the funds allocated to it by the Erasmus Plus […]
When experimentation and creation redefine places From 8 to 18 July 2021 the spaces and times of the small town […]
A collective creation to give ever greater light to the important heritage of the female world After a few months […]
Thanks to Scart, an art project of the Hera Italia Group, a collaboration has been initiated with the community’s decoration […]
June has concluded the intense projecintense project that saw the Pele Association as the protagonist in the realisation of LINEA […]