Milena Vukotic was awarded the second edition of the prize dedicated to the famous Italian actress, muse of Federico Fellini, […]
Can the creative arts support the recovery process? Theatre, but also painting and drawing, arts and crafts and audiovisual production, […]
On november 24th, in Porto, (Portugal), Re.Sto.Re will have its first Multiplier event, a very expected moment by the international […]
Two workshops were held in October, at the first University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, where we talked about theatre and […]
I am struck by the eyes of Tiziana Bergamaschi, who knows how to look close and go far: red hair, […]
After Poland and Italy having started their pilot courses, it is now time for PELE to launch the “Community artistic […]
More than 20 students from all over Italy are taking part in the activities, meeting every weekend since the beginning […]
The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre has been running on-line  pilot courses since September 13th. The participants got involved in […]
The INTEGRA Festival is dedicated to the inclusion of vulnerable groups through culture and art. The philosophy of the festival […]
REFLECTIONS OF A STO BETWEEN SOURDOUGH AND PANDEMIC I am a professional educator, every day I operate on that blurred […]